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About ARCH


Based in Tokyo, Japan, ARCH (Advocacy and Research Centre for Homelessness) is a small, research-based organisation whose primary purpose is to improve and strengthen the entire homelessness sector in and around Tokyo. We aim to bring to the sector more coordination and cooperation, research and evidence, and momentum towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


ARCH was established in October 2015 by a number of researchers and an experienced outreach worker, after six and a half years of research activities about homelessness and homeless support. Our establishment was largely triggered by the fact that our city, Tokyo, has been selected as the host of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Although a mega international event like Olympics could have a negative impact on socially marginalised people, we aspire to take this opportunity positively and promote a positive legacy for homeless and other vulnerable population of our society.


We believe that no one who is already vulnerable and marginalised in the society should be negatively affected by the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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