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Our Work


Tokyo Street Count

Tokyo Street Count (TSC) is our primary project where we conduct bi-annual counts of people sleeping rough on a given night and call on the citizens of Tokyo to take an action to learn and think about their city's homelessness by walking together.

For more information, including what it is, its story and why we carry it out, see our TSC page.

Check out here for the latest news about TSC.


Off-Street Café

TSC volunteers are invited to small-group meetings for further opportunities to meet fellow citizens and learn, consider and discuss homelessness.


Expressing our views

Based on research evidence, we make policy recommendations and express our views in a number of ways, including press conference, parliament committee and public comment.

Overseas fieldwork

Learning innovative ways of tackling homelessness from cities in the UK, US and Australia has been helping our strategies and activities in Tokyo.

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