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Our Vision


ARCH (Advocacy and Research Centre for Homelessness) envisions, through our research, advocacy and campaigning, the realisation of an inclusive society and urban space where people continue to work towards the ultimate goal of ending homelessness.


For us, an inclusive society does not mean a society in which no homeless person exists. Some of us may lose home from time to time for various reasons and in various circumstances, and eliminating this risk completely from the society is not necessarily our goal. Rather, we envisage a society where people always want and try to help those who are homeless. Such society, we believe, allows more diversity, is more resilient, and thus inclusive.



‘ARCH’ as the Advocacy and Research Centre for Homelessness


Our members include researchers, social workers, pro bono volunteers and university students. The name ARCH reflects our will to play a role as a platform for advocacy and research activities concerning homelessness and accumulate academic knowledge that supports robust advocacy.


‘ARCH’ as a bridging agency


Another meaning of ARCH is to connect people and organisations. We wish to become an arch that connects people who are vulnerable and isolated to local communities, an arch that connects a wide range of organisations whose operation is associated with homelessness assistance, and an arch that connects different sectors such as housing, welfare and labour. We put importance on ‘connecting’ activities.


‘ARCH’ as the symbol of mutual help


An arch structure is formed of a series of stones or bricks supporting and relying on each other. The name ARCH symbolises the idea of mutual help as one of the priciples for us. We campaign for a society where people from diverse backgrounds live together and support each other.

The three meanings of ‘ARCH’
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