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TSC Summer 2018, 3-5 August

For three days in the middle of the hottest summer on record in Tokyo, more than 400 volunteers (506 in cumulative total) gathered to carry out the 6th Tokyo Street Count.

Counts were planned to take place four times - two daytime sessions to cover riverbanks (dangerous at night time) and two night-time sessions to cover streets, parks, railway stations etc. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the daytime counts due to the extremely hot weather over 35C, but volunteers still gathered to join a workshop and discussion about their city's homelessness. In the other two sessions on the 3rd and 4th at night time, over 300 volunteers walked the streets of Tokyo covering 22 local government areas.

We will release the result of the count in a month. Most of all, we would like to thank all those who devoted their precious time and energy to the TSC Summer 2018!

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